Learn PHP In 14 Days


Day 1: Course Introduction 1
url: http://youtu.be/-k-WL9dcTuI

Day 2: Course Introduction 1
url: http://youtu.be/UNZah9QnALE

Day 3: PHP Basics
url: http://youtu.be/wFwQnHyd0Kk

Day 4: Variables and Operators
url: http://youtu.be/B5jAXl9pyHI

Day 5: Control Structures and Conditionals (Loops and If-Statements)
url: http://youtu.be/Wc-fErZUQwk

Day 6: Include Files and Functions
url: http://youtu.be/BIaiilqIoYM

Day 7: Data In, Data Out, Sanitizing
url: http://youtu.be/8oY67I764M0

Day 8: MySQL
url: http://youtu.be/aPjd_uawv7c

Day 9: Advanced Pre-population and Pre-selection
url: http://youtu.be/aEDzLLjmOLM

Day 10 : Sessions and Cookies
url: http://youtu.be/Wu5f_SOiY5o

Day 11 : Part 11 Time and Date
url: http://youtu.be/8K1GA7TICAo

Day 12: Receiving Files from Users
url: http://youtu.be/lSOJvpiDpE4

Days 13 : Course Wrap Up
url: http://youtu.be/BC_UddKew8w

Oleh: Sulkifly
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